Our Mission

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As educators and parents in Philadelphia, we believe it’s a necessity that education should cultivate critical thinkers to engage in the process of participating in the world for the purpose of transforming it. Education is a two way street. The relationship between students and teachers needs to be collaborative and humane. It’s not enough to post a reading or video on google classroom. Education is not a passive act; it is a social interaction built on meaningful relationships between students, teachers and parents.

Education is not a commodity. Schooling and learning are two different things and shouldn’t be conflated as the same. Too often schooling is about teaching students to passively accept our deeply flawed and inequitable society, rather than transform it. Too often schooling is about introducing students of color to the school-to-prison pipeline, rather than encouraging them to tear down the walls of mass incarceration. In contrast, true learning is about providing students with a culturally and politically responsive curriculum.

  • Gender and queer (LGBTQI) inclusive and highlight the contributions these communities have contributed to society.

  • Embedded with spaces for reflection

  • Committed to multimodal forms of learning

  • Committed to access for students with Special Needs 

  • Committed to social justice and anti-racism

  • Centered on the critical evaluation and analysis of text and media

  • Stimulated by student inquiry and radical imagination

  • Authentic and purposeful in application